Project Description

thermoproof interior

Thermoproof Interior is a clear penetrating fluid for wood.
One coat natural finish wood protection.

  • Natural Clear Finish
  • Class 1,  Class 0 + EU Class B s2 d0
  • Saves time and money
  • 1 coat sealer option for cleanable surface on wall boards.

See Data Sheets and additional information below

5 litre packs


Optional Functional Clear & Woodstain Sealers


Manufacturer Thermoguard Ltd
Kirkby St
Hull HU2 0HE
Telephone: 01142 768008

Classification: No classification under CHIP
Not a PBT substance

Substance: None hazardous

Description of first aid measures

On skin contact: Not generally irritant . Wash off with a copious flow of water.

On eye contact: Flood opened eye with running water for several minutes and seek medical advice

On ingestion: Rinse mouth then drink plenty of water, seek medical advice.

Most important symptoms and effects, both acute and delayed

Eye contact. Irritant. Further symptoms not known

Extinguishing Media

Not flammable – CO2 Powder/ water spray . In big fire – Water spray

Advice for Fire Fighters

Wear self contained breathing apparatus. Wear full protective suit.

Personal protection

Wear appropriate protective clothing

Environmental precautions

Try not to allow to enter drains and water courses. Advise authorities if large spill enters water course or sewer.

Methods for cleaning up

Contain and absorb using sand, sawdust etc. Take up by mechanical means.

Dispose of in accordance with regulations.


Wear personal protective equipment to prevent contact with skin and eyes.

Exposure to mist and vapour from heated product should be minimised by provision of local ventilation systems.

Protection against fire and explosion

No special precautions necessary


Store in tightly closed containers, keep dry and cool.

Control parameters


Respiratory: When using this product at elevated temperatures ensure area is ventilated. For spray application use filter for spray mist (eg P1 )

Hand: Use chemical resistant gloves

Eye: Use safety glasses with side shields

Body: Wear suitable protective clothing for the activity and possible exposure to avoid contact with skin eg boots & disposable overalls

General safety and hygiene measures

Handle in accordance with good industrial hygiene and safety practice.


Colour : Light green

Form : Medium viscosity liquid

Odour : Odourless

Physical data

pH: 6 > 6.5

Solidification temperature: > -20oC

Boiling Point: Not determined

Flash Point: None

Ignition Temperature: None

Explosion Limits: Not explosive

Solubility: Fully water dispersible

Specific Gravity: 1.3

Reactivity: No

Chemical Stability: Stable under normal prescribed conditions.

Hazardous reactions: None known

Hazardous decomposition products: Ammonia & Phosphoric Acid

Generally not irritant to eyes or skin. Potential irritant if enters eyes.

Route of entry: dermal contact, eye contact. Ingestion.

LD 50 value Oral LD 50 > 5000 mg / kg Rat

If handled as prescribed this product should not present an environmental hazard. Adverse effects to the sewage system are not expected but large quantities should not be allowed to enter waste water when it may contribute to eutrophication.

Further ecological data not available.

Disposal of waste product and containers should be in accordance with local authority regulations and environmental legislation.

EU classification 06 03 14 solid salts ther than 06 03 11 and 06 03 13

Land Transport

ADR / RID Class – not dangerous goods

Inland Waterway Transport

ADNR Class – not dangerous goods

Sea Transport

IMDG: Class – not dangerous goods

Air transport

ICAO / IATA: Class – not dangerous goods

This material is not classified as dangerous according to the international transport regulations.

Safety, health and environmental regulations/legislation specific for the substance

Candidate list of substances : Neither banned nor restricted

Of very high concern for Authorization

Major accident hazard : Does not apply


Chemical Safety Assessment

A chemical safety assessment has not been carried out for this product.

Full text of Risk Phrases referred to under sections 2

R 24 / 25 Avoid contact with eyes & skin

R 26 In case of eye contact , rinse with clean water & seek medical advice

R 37 / 39 Wear suitable gloves & eye protection

Revision date: 12 June 2017

This information is correct to the best of our knowledge. Recipients of our product must take responsibility for observing all existing laws and regulations that apply to the transport, use, storage and disposal of this material.