Project Description

Thermoguard Asbestos Encapsulating Smoke & Flame Retardant is used to seal rigid asbestos boards & sheets, plus difficult-to-remove, firmly bonded asbestos and loose isolated fibres remaining after primary rigid asbestos removal has taken place.

Effectively prevents the release of asbestos and other fibres into the atmosphere by encapsulating them.

Class O and Class b s1 dO flamespead, smoke & toxic gas & flaming droplet control.

See technical data sheet for advice on safe preparation & use.

12 sq m & 50 sq m


To seal rigid asbestos boards, sheets within buildings.

Also used to seal in lead & antimony-based paint plus difficult-to-remove, firmly bonded asbestos, loose isolated fibres remaining after primary rigid asbestos removal has taken place.

Flexible, unaffected by vibration to effectively prevent the release of asbestos, antimony and lead into the atmosphere.

Controls surface spread of flame, smoke emission & flaming droplets to Class O and ClassB s1 dO.

A sealer coating based upon a unique adhesive-grade resin, highly plasticised for outstanding flexibility to withstand normal movement to the components within a building and incorporating Smoke & Flame Retardant ingredient.

Water based, solvent free & low odour.

Ensure surfaces are clean, dry, free from moss etc.

Any preparation should be carried out as a damped-down process to avoid making fibres & dust airborne.

Dispose of rags & paper towels in sealed containers & dispose of at approved site .

Wear hooded disposable overalls, gloves & overshoe protectors and dust filter in approved face mask & dispose of at end of each work session.

Air Min 5°C , surfaces min 3°C above dewpoint in dry conditions.

  • Eggshell & Matt
  • White, BS 4800, BS 381C and RAL colours.

It is recommended that the colour be chosen to contrast with surfaces to be coated to assist in ensuring adequate coverage.

Apply two coats Thermoguard Asbestos Encapsulating Smoke & Flame Retardamt at 10M2 per litre per coat by brush, roller or conventional air-assisted spray. For ease and to coat inaccessible areas we recommend use of an extension arm on the spray unit.

Ensure a continuous film has been created with each coat.

Friable asbestos that is impractical to remove should be sealed with one well thinned coat of Thermoguard Asbestos Encapsulating Smoke & Flame Retardant prior to application of 2 coats Thermoguard Asbestos Encapsulating Coat. Carry out test patch & test adhesion first.

All materials and specifications are provided in accordance with the terms and conditions of Thermoguard Ltd.
Refer to Health and Safety Data Sheet prior to using this product.