Fire Certificate

Fire Certificate

Once you have completed your project simply complete our straightforward form to obtain your Fire Certificate. The form asks for the area covered, the quantity of product purchased and the fire rating required for each of the Thermoguard products you purchased. From this information we are able to confirm that you have purchased sufficient product to achieve the required fire rating level/standard you wish to achieve.


Once your project is complete, use our simple online process to get your FREE Fire Certificate. Most of our customers need a Fire Certificate to show that the work has been done correctly and the correct product used.

These certificates are most often referred to as a “Fire Certificate” but in fact are really a certificate of supply. They indicate the amount of product supplied and the fire rating that this quantity of product would achieve over an agreed specified surface area/substrate. After your application is approved:   Thermoguard will  then supply the certificate Free of Charge by email. All that remains is for the contractor to confirm by signature that the product was applied correctly in accordance with the relevant instructions and data sheets.   There are many people who may need this certification: Building Managers, Insurance Companies, Building Control Departments etc. Thermoguard  quickly issue a certificate of supply that is universally recognised and accepted.

Not only is it easy to apply for the certificate, it also free of charge and normally supplied to you by email within five days.


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